About Me

It should be noted that I’m not a perfect writer. I don’t always have the right punctuation and I’m fully aware of that. If you could kindly let me know of any errors, that’d be awesome! (& this I’m serious about) After graduating with an English Literature degree and taking syntax in my very last semester of college, you’d think it’d be annoyingly perfect right? But, I was a horrible college student, who procrastinated like a mother fucker, bullshit many of my papers, and used Google for EVERYTHING. (Sorry to all of my favorite Lit professors!!)

Just to put things into perspective, a week after graduation I applied for a freelance writing job and It required a grammar test in order to move forward. Applicants needed to get an 80% or higher to move to the next step. I’m not going to share my score because it’s frightening, but just know that the next page after clicking ‘submit’ read, “We’re so sorry, but ___ is not a high enough score to move forward. Please understand that you can try again in 3 months. Better luck next time!”

So, again, please call me out on my fuck-ups, because clearly, I don’t know the correct usage of a comma, or whom, or just about everything else. I mean, that’s what editors are for…. right?

So, why memoirs, music, & writing? I’ve always wanted to blog but never knew what niche to blog about. Being a vegan, I thought a vegan blog would be dope, filled with environmental issues and Vegan beauty products. A quick search on the web, quickly made me change my mind. There were so many out there. Being a lesbian, I figured an LGBTQ+ blog would be even better. I could blog about feminist issues and femme fashion, but again, there are so many blogs out there. Honestly, how could I ever compare to Autostraddle?!

I started this blog, about memoirs, music, and the writing process, because I am living it! AND because I am in the process of writing my very own Memoir. (!!!!!!!!!) While searching for my niche, I spent my days reading memoirs for research, looking for writing activities for inspiration, and actually writing my very own pieces, all the while listening to great music. I figured, why not share this? If I’m struggling with the motivation to write, others are too! So, I found my niche and I hope my online diary will help other writers find inspiration. ❤


  1. Jesse T.

    Hey Tara,

    This is definetely a blog I’ll browse through from time-to-time. I’m looking forward to it.

    Jesse Tovar, classmate for Dr. Lee’s Victorian and Modernism survey course (304).


  2. Jessica

    Hey Tara!
    This already sounds like a blog I’m super stoked to follow! Whenever I’d see you, you always filled the room with such positive energy and big laughs! I look forward to learning a thing or two from you, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!!❤👌


  3. Tony M. Smith

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Killing it already with just “about me!” This…is…gonna…be…dope!
    (Yes, “gonna.”)
    Can’t wait to read more, keep me updated!


  4. Jamie Mainvielle

    Congrats Tara! You have found an amazing way to communicate your pure authenticity as the awesome chica that you are. So proud and impressed with this blog!! Congrats and keep going!!


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